AAWireless dongle promises to bring wireless Android Auto support to your vehicle

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AAWireless dongle promises to bring wireless Android Auto support to your vehicle

Android Auto Wireless has not so much taken off similarly as Android Auto. While almost all major vehicles currently feature an infotainment unit with Android Auto support, there are not many reseller’s aftermarket head units available in the market that help Android Auto Wireless. A dongle by the name AAWireless presently aims to bring wireless Android Auto to all vehicles or multimedia units that as of now have Android Auto support.

With wireless Android Auto, one can trigger the Android Auto experience on their vehicle’s head unit without having their Android gadget to it over USB. Instead, the head unit talks to the device wirelessly which is far more helpful. The Indiegogo campaign of the dongle describes it as a simple plug and play gadget that will permit the Android Auto-able head unit in your vehicle to use a Wi-Fi connection as opposed to requiring it one to interface an Android gadget to it over USB thereby adding wireless Android Auto support to it.

Your Android gadget should also have support for wireless Android Auto. While there are not many gadgets in the market right now with wireless Android Auto support, this will change once Android 11 is released. From that point onward, all Android gadgets with 5GHz Wi-Fi will support wireless Android Auto.

The project is being developed by Emil Borconi-Szedressy who had in reality first demoed an app in 2018 that added wireless Android Auto support to existing head units. That idea has developed throughout the long term and because of the enormous client intrigue. The pictures you will see on the Indiegogo lobby page are not of the last unit. It will be a much smaller and won’t include an Ethernet or USB-A port.

Since the group behind the dongle doesn’t approach a lot of assets, they have opened an Indiegogo mission to transform the AAWireless dongle into a reality. On the off chance that you are keen on adding wireless Android Auto to your vehicle using a simple dongle, make a point to back the mission which has just crossed 100% of its funding goal.

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