A unique experiment in teaching is underway at an Indian Village

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Unique Workaround

unique workaround

Concerned that children, whose guardians can’t manage the cost of internet subscription for online classes, won’t have the option to find others, educators in Nilamnagar came up with a unique idea of teaching through murals.

Unique Mode

unique mode

These murals cover a vast range of subjects and students are eager of learning through such a one of a unique mode. Some state that they glean the lessons as they walk past these walls.

School Closed

School closed

As schools have been requested closed in India for the following one month too attributable to the pandemic, open air learning is quick making up for lost time as a way to remain safe and educate students.

Collective Effort

Collective effort

The project is getting traction thanks of an collective effort by the villagers as they want the education of their children to continue and not get upset by the pandemic.

And, It’s a Success

And, it's a success

These outside classes are as of now a hit among students. These classes are held for an total of 1700 students matured somewhere in the range of six and 16, an AFP report said..

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