Samsung galaxy watch 3 Review- The best watch

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With the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung keeps on prove it can better a smartwatch companion for Android smartphones than Google. In spite of the fact that the Watch 3 is chunkier than its similarly capable Active series, it brings improved rest and health following features and a littler, lighter rotating bezel. Its battery life could be longer and programming could be smoother, yet even without up and coming features like ECG, the Galaxy Watch 3 is an amazing smartwatch for Android users.

Color choice aside, the Galaxy Watch 3 is noticeably more thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Watch and doesn’t feel as overpowering. Its tempered steel case is shinier and more rich than the Galaxy Watch Active 2, however its underside is noticeably chunkier. There’s additionally a knock in the middle of the two catches on the correct side that keeps them from being accidentally pressed when the rear of my hand presses into the watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 display and watch faces

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 display and watch faces

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s 360 x 360-pixel screen is sharp, bright enough to see in direct daylight and always-on, however that is not what gotten my advantage.

I’ll admit, Apple Watch confusions worry me. I feel forced to use a mix of five different faces on the double to see all that I could require for the duration of the day, and, after its all said and done I wish there were more options. Enter the Galaxy Watch 3 with 80,000 different watch-faces and 40 complications from which to pick.

It took me some time to figure out which combination of design and information brought me comfort on the Galaxy Watch 3, however I’m a sucker for the weather-centric backgrounds. I can’t explain why I never check the gauge going out, so if seeing rain animations on my wrist doesn’t help, nothing will.


  • Useful spinning bezel
  • Good sleep tracking
  • Clever activity suggestions
  • Improved workout tracking


  • Chunky
  • Expensive compared to Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 specs

 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Display45mm: 1.4-inch AMOLED
41mm: 1.2-inch AMOLED

Corning Gorilla Glass DX
Dimensions and weight45mm: 45 x 46.2 x 11.1mm
53.8g (stainless steel), 43g (titanium)

41mm: 41 x 42.5 x 11.3mm
Colors and materials45mm: Mystic Black (stainless steel or titanium), Mystic Silver (stainless steel)

41mm: Mystic Bronze (stainless steel), Mystic Silver (stainless steel)
Battery45mm: 340mAh
41mm: 247mAh

WPC-based wireless charging
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9110
Dual-core, 1.15GHz
ConnectivityLTE (available in select models)
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi b/g/n
Optical heart rate sensor
Ambient light sensor
Durability5ATM + IP68
SoftwareTizen OS 5.5
CompatibilityAndroid: Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB or above
iOS: iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 design

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 design

The bezel is back, infant. At the point when we tried the system during our unique Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review, we found the physical bezel useful and fun. Turning the dial functioned admirably with both side fastens and offered an extraordinary option in contrast to swiping or attempting to jab at the round presentation with our finger.

The bezel holds up a second time around, yet feels far and away superior in light of the fact that Samsung thinned down the Galaxy Watch 3. It’s 8% littler, 14% thinner and 15% lighter than the primary Galaxy Watch. We’re talking millimeters here, yet with regards to something you wear on your wrist, the thing that matters is noticeable.

In any case, the 1.7-ounce, 41mm Mystic Bronze model I tried looks thick contrasted with my Apple Watch 5. The compromise is that it looks more like a customary watch than a cutting edge one. While I may discard my Apple Watch for a pleasant supper or night out, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 stands its ground as a classy extra.

Even better, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with genuine leather straps that match the casing’s color and contribute a more raised tasteful contrasted with the fitness centered Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. In any case, the leather doesn’t fare well against sweat or water, so I’d trade them for sportier ones if I somehow managed to keep using the Galaxy Watch 3 as my every day driver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 performance

Samsung’s Tizen software still trails behind Apple’s watchOS, however is a significant improvement from Google’s fickle Wear OS. Not only are the Galaxy Watch 3’s different menus highly customizable and pressed with helpful apps, however launching and switching between them feels sharp, as well.

Because of the bezel, route is natural, and I depended on it along with the double fastens to get where I needed to go. The motion gestures, then again, didn’t generally do it for me. At the point when I could get them to work, I felt a little foolish in the process.

What didn’t feel senseless is the Galaxy Watch 3’s T9 keyboard, which I depended for messaging more frequently than I suspected I would. I know, composing on such a little screen sounds crazy, however I valued the ability to send messages in situations when I was unable to use talk to text. I wish the Apple Watch would replace Scribble with an modified, little keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ECG readings and blood pressure monitoring

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a FDA-approved ECG screen, which means the new smartwatch will have the option to detect signs of atrial fibrillation simply like the Apple Watch.

While the Apple Watch’s FDA-approved ECG sensor is old news (it appeared with the Apple Watch Series 4), Samsung has been delayed to get its version approved, first earning clearance for the technology on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in South Korea.

Samsung has also earned clearance for its blood pressure screen in South Korea. For the present, the sensor will sit dormant in The Galaxy Watch 3 until it’s approved by the FDA. On the off chance that it gets the green light soon, it would be the first smartwatch from a major name tech brand with a working blood pressure observing system.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 fitness and health features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can follow 40 absolute exercises, and seven can be followed naturally, which means you won’t generally need to choose what sort of activity you’re doing already. I required this when my sprightly 85-pound dark lab would not like to stop for me to launch a walk following on our standard trips around our town.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 fitness and health features

The Galaxy Watch 3’s ready GPS measured my day by day course accurately enough (it’s generally 1.2 miles, depending how frequently the canine needs to go around and around). I had a similar encounter when I took the watch biking and running, the last of which was educated by on-request VO2 Max readings. I’m far from an endurance runner so I didn’t trigger any warnings, however I imagine more devoted athletes would welcome this feature during training.

But they might not appreciate the leather straps. I absolutely realize I didn’t. It felt odd getting them wet with sweat, and I didn’t consider taking the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 close to a pool despite its 5ATM rating for water resistance. I’d suggest getting silicone bands on the off chance that you intend to use the Galaxy Watch 3 for anything over light exercise, or taking a look at one of the best fitness trackers instead

In any case, no matter where you are, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s outing discovery sensors will call emergency services for your benefit when it senses you took a hard and unexpected fall. Apple Watch has had this feature for a couple of years, so it’s good to see Samsung catching up.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 apps and storage

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 apps and storage

Tizen OS has a more limited library of third-party selections than the local Apple Watch App Store, however there are enough major programs like Uber and Spotify available to you.

What’s more, with the Galaxy Watch 3’s 8GB of music storage, you can save tunes for disconnected play dark with a Spotify Premium membership. I’m not using a LTE model, so I look forward to having a few of my playlists available when I leave my smartphone at home for bicycle rides. I value this feature about my Apple Watch 5, which has a bigger 16GB storage limit. I’ve already used up about half my Galaxy Watch 3’s storage with a couple of my favorite playlists, however, so I’ll should be to be mindful of offloading audio I don’t need anymore.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 battery life

Where the new Galaxy Watch seems to miss the mark regarding the previous model is battery life. Not at all like the 4-day stamina of the first Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 3’s 340 mAh battery is rated for 2 days. That is reasonable for smartwatch standards (the Apple Watch 5 just gets 18 hours) and likely adds to the thinned down design.

The Galaxy Watch 3 satisfies Samsung’s battery gauges. Indeed, even with hour-long workouts and rest tracking in the first two days I wore it, the watch lasted around 2 days. In any case, when I enabled the always-on display setting, the battery life dropped to 24 hours in its second cycle. In any case, this is better than my Apple Watch 5.

At the point when it needs more juice, the Galaxy Watch 3 can be accused of its exclusive charge or by means of remote force share with a viable Samsung smartphone. I tried out this charging support dock from Amazon for keeping my bedside table composed, as well.


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