Oppo Watch Review, Specification & Price

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oppo watch

₹ 19,990.00


The Oppo Watch is an great example of what manufacturers can achieve with the correct efforts in both hardware and software. Even if its look is deadened, there’s credit due for how professional the curved display – and this smartwatch all in all – may be. 

In case you’re specifically searching for a Wear OS smartwatch, the Oppo Watch is a easy suggestion.

The Wear OS platform all in all hasn’t changed on a very basic level over the most recent six years, but it has gently improved and Oppo’s first attack into that world has given a one of a kind look while outfitting the features of the product. 

The Oppo Watch offers probably the best usefulness we’ve seen from a watch running Google’s product. Its wellness highlights are reasonable for all, there’s sufficient force here to run each application you’ll need and there are a few added extras from Oppo too.

You’ll need to consider its normal best battery life when you’re thinking about buying this, however if its all the same to you recover your watch every night you’re probably not going to be consistently disappointed. 

The structure might be deadened and look remarkably like the Apple Watch, however it still looks attractive and on the off chance that you need a square gadget with a curved display this will be your only choice on your Android phone.


  • Slick design
  • Great display
  • Runs smoothly


  • Battery life is poor
  • Unoriginal design
  • Wear OS is still limited

Oppo Watch Design and Display

oppo watch design and display

Truly, the Oppo Watch looks each piece like an Apple Watch. The similarities reach out to the body,straps and the fascia as well. To the undeveloped eye, the somewhat more curved display probably won’t be unnoticeable. 

What you need to know is that the Oppo Watch is nearly as smooth and solid as Apple’s wearable. It doesn’t appear to be delicate from any side, and all the bends meet consistently.
You also need to know that this review used the 46mm form of the watch. There are two sizes depending upon how big you need your watch to be, and there are some core differences here.

For the rest of this review, we’ll be referring to our time with the 46mm variant of the watch so on the off chance that you opt on the littler 41mm gadget you may locate some slight differences.

The weight distribution is perfect to not feel like a toy. The frame is made of series-6000 aluminum and has held up well with our relatively carefree use. Along with the Black variant that we tried, there’s also a Glossy Gold finish available. The 41mm variant of the watch adds a third Silver Mist color. 

The Oppo Watch is an rare exception for that standard as the 1.91-inch display actually curves on the sides, making it a touch littler in appearance, but significantly littler for how you use it.

oppo watch design

In the event that you like your phone displays to be curved, you’ll love what a curved watch brings to the table. Firstly, it looks certainly cooler than different watches with a also minimal design. 

For a operating system that basically depends on swipes from the sides, there’s most likely no other smartwatch that feels too structured as Oppo’s. Pussyfooting among structure and function, we additionally have the improved visual experience and higher screen-to-body proportion, including the last piece of oomph.

It is also 5ATM water-safe, rated to be safe at pressure levels identical to 50 meters underwater. As usual, the certification isn’t applicable to salt water. 

The left side houses the loudspeaker while the right has the two pushers for functions and navigation. The catch on the base has an subtle green accent for included character.

oppo watch design

The display has a resolution of 402 x 476 (326ppi) which is one of the most elevated on any wearable. Text and symbols were sufficiently sharp and clear and you won’t have the option to see the individual pixels at standard viewing distances.

The AMOLED development of the board adds another level of immersion as the sides blur away in the casing with no recognizable edge or bezel. Colors are vibrant and punchy and stand apart perfectly in the midst of the inky dark foundation. 

There are five phases of brightness to browse. For our use, which is overwhelmingly inside right now, even the second level was adequate. We didn’t see open air readability as an issue, either.

Performance and Software

oppo watch Performance

The main special case was the new crop of Samsung watches, which ran on Tizen OS and Exynos silicon. A similar degree of smoothness was uncommon on Wear OS. While I am happy to report that the Oppo Watch scores high in such manner, it uncovered extra issues tormenting the stage. 

Oppo’s execution incorporates using a double chip system — the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 for the total usefulness and an Ambiq Apollo 3 chipset for the battery saver mode.

The greater part of the usage will be in the previous situation, as that is essentially why you ought to try and consider a smartwatch. The Snapdragon Wear 3100 stage is about two years of age now. It got a genuinely necessary patch up as the Snapdragon Wear 4100 this year, yet will be but to be remembered for any on special smartwatch (at the hour of composing) so it hasn’t been incorporated here. 

By design, Wear OS is famous for being overwhelming on the RAM than on the chipset. Thankfully, the Oppo Watch ships with a whole 1GB of it. The mix makes tasks very smooth and responsive, which is still a rare feat for Wear OS watches.

oppo watch software

The Oppo Watch is one of the first smartwatches to run a forked variant of Wear OS, with Color OS customizations on top. 

This is essentially found in two places: the warning shade on the top, which gets the shading plan and iconography from Oppo’s namesake for smartphones, and the application drawer.

Gone is the basic ‘Rolodex’ rundown of applications for a 3×3 network of round symbols, and we’d state both of these changes are welcome. 

The screen on the left is held for Google Assistant and Discover, a swipe upwards raises the current notices, and swipe directly for gadgets. 

The quick toggles on the top include all the basics, for example, sound profiles, theater mode, lock, spotlight mode, discover my telephone and brightness control. We saw these as plain as day, and they’re anything but difficult to relate to universal symbols.

oppo watch Performance and software

You also get the staple Wear OS motions to explore through pages. A flick in either bearing can look up or down and a shake to return to the home screen. On the subject of the home screen, the Oppo Watch comes with a handful of watch faces with varying quantity of complications. 

It doesn’t generally work however it looks cool. Similarly as with Android, in the event that you don’t care for the default choices gave by the watch, you can generally download more from the Google Play Store.

Wear OS is an entirely adult working system now. It can accomplish more than most different smartwatches intended for Android smartphones, however it can frequently appear to be somewhat limited. For instance, possessing this watch doesn’t expand the usefulness of your smartphone or coordinate into a biological system the way Apple and Samsung watches do. 

It’s not especially terrible, yet simply hold your desires in line in the event that you haven’t used a Wear OS observe yet.

It handles warnings logically and outstandingly. For instance, an instant message by means of any application will be welcomed with fast answers readily available alongside the capacity to direct, type, write the answer or even draw emoticons. 

Truly, composing on this little screen isn’t extraordinary however it works shockingly well, particularly with swipe composing. 

Google Assistant is also around to rapidly query data or dispatch applications. You also get media controls when any music or video is played on the smartphone. You can control the playback, skip tracks and even control the volume.


oppo watch fitness

Fitness is another angle that the Oppo Watch handles well. First of all, it has a pulse screen on the back that consistently checks your heartbeat and follows along. It can also alarm you of any surprising or high readings. GPS is also inbuilt to follow your runs or cycles. 

Everyone’s favorite sedentary inactive alarm also makes the cut, and even offers to take us through a somewhat long meeting of stretches each hour. 

Google Fit carries near a hundred exercise following choices and now even includes sports. This includes many water sports, for example, standup paddle boarding and kite surfing, however you shouldn’t take your fancy watch close to seawater. 

the Oppo Watch also suggests downloading the HeyTap Health application. Not at all like what the name recommends, it goes about as a center point for a great deal of features of the watch. 

It brings specially developed workout routines: fitness run, fat burn run, open air walk, outside cycling and swimming. After choosing these, you’ll be taken through a lot of guidelines just as target pulse. These increases make the Oppo Watch a clever exercise buddy – it has something to offer for clients everything being equal.

The watch also offers rest following usefulness. It gives you a breakdown of your resting designs with variances among light and deep sleep. It also appeared to be on point with my observations. Strangely however, it tracks rest just between 8 pm and 10 am. That should cover nearly everybody, except we’re not judging. 

Battery life

oppo watch Battery life

The Oppo Watch runs off a relatively large 430mAh battery. Be that as it may, the battery life is below average even with moderate use. Indeed, even on lighter days with not many warnings and music control, we attempted to get it to last the 36 hours that Oppo claims it will do.

It was more like 20 hours on most charges. You could make it last as the day progressed, however we suggest visiting the charger every night.

You do have the choice to change to the previously mentioned Power Saver mode, which should add 20 days to the tank. We didn’t generally use it much except when we required it to get through for a few of hours.

It will change to a less difficult watch face that runs at a lower review rate and will keep on showing the time, track the quantity of steps and heartbeat and handle basic notifications.

Oppo’s well known VOOC Flash charging is here to deal with the refueling. It can go from close void to full in barely 60 minutes, with most of the charging happening in the initial half. You should use the included support for squeezing up as wireless charging isn’t supported.

Note that this all applies to the bigger variation of the Oppo Watch, and the littler 41mm gadget accompanies a littler 300mAh cell inside. It has less spec to control however, so we’re currently unclear how that battery life will perform.

SIM Slot
eSIM; Works with China Unicom / China Telecom / China Mobile operators
SIM Lock
Display Size
1.6 Inches
Display Type
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Yes, 4.2 + BLE
Connection Ports
Magnetic charging thimble
Shell material
29 g
In the Box
1x Smartwatch (incl. battery), 1x Charger Base, 1x Quick Start Guide (Chinese), 1x Warranty card (Chinese)
Bluetooth, GPS, 4G/LTE, Accelerometer, AMOLED, NFC, Tempered Glass
Operating System
ColorOS Watch
3G/WCDMA 850/900/2100MHz (B5/B8/B1), 4G/FDD-LTE 850/900/1800/2100MHz (B5/B8/B3/B1), 4G/TD-LTE 1900/2300/2500/2600MHz (B39/B40/B41/B38), Please note: eSIM works with China Unicom / China Telecom / China Mobile operators

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