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Rs 49,990


Vivo is an easily recognized name in India and is currently the third-biggest smartphone company by volume. Its ascent was basically determined by its financial plan smartphone and mid-officers. With its foot planted solidly, it currently would like to get a bit of the top notch fragment with the X50 Pro.

Vivo’s tango with the excellent section hasn’t been particularly momentous. The last smartphone to attempt to cut a name for itself was the Vivo X21 from 2018, which was a long way from standard. This time however, Vivo’s execution is significantly progressively developed with the X50 arrangement, welcoming fascinating updates on the equipment front that couple of others offer.

As usual, for a maker going up the value stepping stool, brand picture and programming experience become increasingly significant variables of the choice grid. This is a key point for value delicate markets, for example, India, where the exceptional fragment is commanded by a bunch of players and newcomers have consistently battled.

The Vivo X50 Pro goes facing built up rivalry, for example, the OnePlus 8, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and even the iPhone SE, which are all impressive contributions all alone. The methodology of carrying equipment advancements to a gradually developing perspective is estimable, and one that has the right to be iterated upon. It is Vivo’s most cleaned telephone till date, yet the product experience keeps on residual its most vulnerable connection.


  • Alpha Gray shading
  • 8mm thick, 181g overwhelming

With regards to top of the line cell phones, most settle on an overwhelming plan that is large and intense. The Vivo X50 Pro is a much needed refresher, bringing a provocative, sumptuous plan that is to some degree reduced as well. It is one of the main Android leaders that isn’t enormous or substantial.

As of not long ago, most top of the line cell phones, particularly those with a periscopic camera or an enormous sensor, have been large and cumbersome. Vivo by one way or another figures out how to fit in each one of those alongside an enormous gimbal framework without going over the edge with the measurements.

Its weight, rather the deficiency in that department, is apparent the second you get it. It steers the result at simply 181g which is basically disseminated along the body. In addition, the bended front and back consistently meet at the smooth metal edge, incredibly supporting the ergonomics. These assistance in giving the telephone a littler impression than what we’ve generally expected from cell phones with a showcase this size.

The Vivo X50 Pro has extraordinary compared to other feel close by on any ongoing cell phone. Alongside a thin waistline, the delicate glossy silk finish of the glass back with a tasteful matte metallic tone gives it an extraordinary and genial look. This was most likely the first occasion when I heard such consistently constructive criticism around a telephone’s shading from individuals, each time I indicated it to somebody. It is unquestionably eye-appealing (positively).

The camera module, then again, is polarizing. We get a two-layer island that has the zooming focal point on the lower level and different sensors on the higher. Vivo says that it was a cognizant choice to give the X50 Pro some character and personality, and generally, it conveys on that. The camera knock likewise doesn’t distend a ton so utilizing it while lying on a table is as yet conceivable. Nonetheless, for a great many people, the camera lodging will be excessively particular in the midst of an in any case insignificant back—the ‘large eye’ structure isn’t for everybody. I for one enjoyed, however that is most likely in light of the fact that I incline toward my telephones to stand apart from the group.

Other physical components incorporate the force button and the volume rocker on the correct side and the USB port and the amplifier on the base. The catches, despite the fact that somewhat creaky, are incredibly substantial to press. While the sides are thin and adjusted, the top and base are totally level. It is one of only a handful not many telephones which can be propper up to hold up. The level top has a lace like stylish, which Vivo calls a ‘choker’. It has the expression ‘5G’ and ‘Expert Photography’ embellished such that sparkles in numerous hues when seen from certain points and gets imperceptible from others.

Photographs don’t do equity to how beautiful the Vivo X50 Pro looks. It takes the craftsmanship from the NEX and Apex arrangement and makes it standard in the most ideal style.


vivo x50 pro display
  • Bended 6.56-inch AMOLED board
  • 90Hz revive rate
  • 100% DCI-P3 inclusion

Vivo has selected a high invigorate rate board, as each 2020 leader should. We’re taking a gander at a bended 6.56-inch E3 AMOLED board with a 90Hz invigorate rate too has HDR10+ capacities. As referenced before, it is one of the more conservative telephones of the period, on account of thin bezels, a little base jawline and a 55-degree bend at the edges. One-gave tasks are as yet a stretch, however not feasible.

The internals are entirely competent to deal with the 90Hz yield, which is apparent over the interface. You can set it to 60Hz, 90Hz and versatile revive rate to switch as per applications. Small advances, for example, the live backdrop, opening and shutting applications, performing multiple tasks, all have been intended to help you to remember the additional ease. The 180Hz touch reaction likewise helps in causing tasks to feel quick.

With the pinnacle splendor of 1,300 nits (500 nit ordinary, 800 nit HBM), I never needed to wrench up the brilliance to max. Outside decipherability was not an issue. The base splendor of 1.9 nits was additionally generally adequate for use around evening time. Playing HDR content was a delight on the Vivo X50 Pro, bringing out subtleties that are normally lost on either end of the luminance scale. Staples, for example, a framework wide dim mode, blue-light channel and eye security are likewise present. The showcase likewise covers 10% of the DCI-P3 shading space,

The bends made swiping and looking through the interface much increasingly fun, making framework route signals appear to be natural. There were scarcely any coincidental palm contacts in my use. The selfie camera is housed in an opening punch on the upper left of the screen and is sufficiently little to be disregarded. As a rule, it gets secured by the status bar in any case.

For what its value, the X50 Pro is one of only a handful not many telephones with a bended presentation that accompanies an average screen defender pre-applied and has remained there without rising.

With everything taken into account, the Vivo X50 Pro ticks all the containers that are normal for current cell phone shows and should work well for everybody. Taking into account how little distinction moving to 120Hz or QHD+ goal makes, this is the following best blend.


  • Single descending terminating speaker
  • No earphone jack

Sound is a similarly significant component of substance utilization that is frequently ignored. The Vivo X50 Pro has a solitary mono descending terminating speaker. Attributable to the level base, it is the most effortless speaker grille to suppress down to 0 volume. When not, the yield is boisterous and clear with next to no bending in the bass at full volume.

It’s a bit of disillusioning to see a telephone so costly to game such a fundamental speaker arrangement, however we understand that the telephone’s measurements and space restrictions played a hand in this. There’s no earphone jack either. Sound over USB Type-C was acceptable however there would be incidental static or drops in the yield. Bluetooth playback was extraordinary.


  • India’s first telephone with the Snapdragon 765G
  • LPDDR4X RAM, UFS 2.1 capacity
  • 5G fit

Here’s the place things get fascinating. The Vivo X50 Pro is the first cell phone in Quite a while to be controlled by the Snapdragon 765G chipset. This is a genuinely new stage, and sits just underneath Qualcomm’s 8 arrangement chipsets. In contrast to the leader however, it has a coordinated 5G modem with the Snapdragon X52 RF. While discussing 5G is at present unsettled, the coordinated idea of the modem makes it inalienably progressively productive.

The Snapdragon 765G is an octa-center chipset based on the 7nm hub, with one Prime center at 2.4GHz, one Gold center at 2.2GHz and six silver centers at 1.8GHz. On the X50 Pro, it is matched with LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.1 capacity, which are a long way from the best as of now accessible.

Vivo’s choice to go with a 7 arrangement chipset rather at its lead is a cost driven one, as it offers comparable preparing capacities without the greater sticker price related with something like the Snapdragon 865 and its modem. This is certainly not an astounding move, and we anticipate that more producers should embrace this methodology.

Expectedly, the Vivo X50 Pro runs through everything tossed at it. Be it running different applications on the double, or holding applications in memory. Slam the executives was typically phenomenal. For everyday use, you ought to have no issues at all. Truth be told, in many situations, you’ll be unable to see contrasts with a lead when looked at.


clicking image on vivo x50 pro
  • Quad-camera arrangement
  • Imaginative gimbal camera framework
  • Periscopic zooming focal point can go up to 60x zoom

Photography and videography should be the solid purposes of the Vivo X50 Pro. The key idea is the incorporation of a gimbal camera instrument, which shows up on a cell phone just because. Consider it OIS on steroids where rather than simply the last focal point, even the whole picture sensor climbs to ±3° on either pivot. Alongside amazingly stable film, it likewise carries the capacity to pull the screen speed to longer lengths for more keen or more splendid pictures.

Alongside that, it has three different cameras at various central lengths to guarantee great pictures at all zoom levels, from 0.6x to 60x. That likewise makes the X50 Pro one of the main minimized cell phones to brandish a periscopic focal point module for included zoom.

The essential camera is a custom 48MP f/1.6 Sony IMX598 picture sensor. It expands upon the Sony IMX582 stage with improved light and clamor affectability. The outcomes were generally exact as far as shading temperatures and immersion. Strangely however, the screen speed or ISO levels were nothing strange. The dynamic range was commonly really high
Adjustment truly sparkles for videography where it actually seems as though a gimbal is utilized for adjustment. However, it accompanies the turning slack that is normal for gimbals, so you may need to design your container in like manner. Extraordinary developments will casue a touch of nervousness however sluggish development should represent no issues.

You can also turn on the gimbal pointer which shows if the gimbal is at present lined up with the skyline and the focal point or is all the while, flagging the best an ideal opportunity to shoot.

Next up is a 8MP f/2.2 ultra-wide shooter that bends over as a large scale focal point. While the field-of-see is drastically higher, the low goal harms subtleties. The shading temperatue was normally somewhat hotter as well. As usual, difference and dynamic range endure a shot as well. It will take care of business yet won’t overwhelm you.

For zooming, it has two zooming focal points, with one being a 13MP 2x (50mm) focal point with the other being a 8MP periscopic 5x focal point. These handle various pieces of the central length. The resultant pictures are somewhat milder than the essential focal point, however subtleties aren’t really awful. Having the option to zoom right to 60x is a propensity evolving highlight, however the best outcomes are held for the underlying 10x. The littler gap additionally carries clamor to the pictures.

Low light photography is likewise where the Vivo X50 Pro sparkles, having the option to shoot longer presentations with lesser shake. The distinction in the outcomes are night and day (play on words proposed) with altogether more brilliant pictures in any event, when shooting handheld. In addition, it brings four fascinating ‘styles’ which resemble complex shading reviewing choices progressively. It was entirely charming to utilize.

Generally speaking, the Vivo X50 Pro’s cameras are extremely amusing to utilize, particularly with all the flexibility conceivable, regardless of whether the execution misses the mark now and then. Highlights, for example, eye AF, astrophotography, night styles, Portrait mode 2.0, archive checking break the boundary that by and large separate proficient picture takers from the amateurs. These make the X50 Pro one of only a handful hardly any apparatuses that raises the client’s abilities by showing them how to capitalize on their cell phone.

Battery and charging

  • 4,315mAh battery
  • 33W Flash Charge

Vivo’s product skin used to be notable to be incredibly proficient. While things have changed from that point forward, the X50 Pro is as yet an extraordinary long distance runner, particularly when contrasted with Snapdragon 865-controlled cell phones. For our ordinary utilization, it would last us a whole day on a solitary charge, with around 5-6 hours of screen-on-schedule; nothing uncommon except for better than expected. Changing to 60Hz revive rate will improve life span by a tad.

The included 33W Flash Charger tops off the 4,315mAh battery in around 80 minutes. There were times when the telephone would change to slow charging, however that is by all accounts a detached issue brought about by association issues. Generally speaking, the battery and charging on the Vivo X50 Pro are fine, however at its cost section, we anticipated somewhat better.

Performance Snapdragon :       765G
Storage                                :       128 GB
Camera                                :       48+8+8+13 MP
Battery                                 :       4315 mAh
Display                                 :        6.56″ (16.66 cm) 
Ram                                      :        8 GB
Front Camera                       :        32 MP
Width                                    :         72.8 mm
Weight                                  :          181.5 grams
Screen Resolution              :          1080 x 2376 pixels
Screen Size                         :           6.56 inches (16.66 cm)


Design and ergonomics
Enjoyable cameras
Reliable performance


FunTouch OS
Inconsistent cameras

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